Animal ER of Northwest Houston is a privately owned emergency and critical care veterinary hospital serving families in Cypress, Katy, and Waller as well as the local surrounding communities of Fairfield, Black Horse Ranch, and Bridgeland. Located directly on the access road of Highway 290 (Hempstead Rd) at Mueschke Rd, the Animal ER offers a convenient location that allows for seamless transport of your pet with minimal interruption or detours that may add additional stress to the situation. Animal ER wants owners to rest assured that no pet health problem is too small or too minor for an emergency room evaluation. Our experienced staff will collaborate to provide a concise care plan for your pet that addresses any of the concerns you face with your furry friend. Our hospital is devoted to providing the entire family and will dedicate the appropriate attention and time to explaining recommendations and planning, providing quality care to pets and giving owners peace of mind.

Animal ER is staffed with professionals whose mission is not only to provide excellent medical services, but to create a customized critical care plan for each pet. We regard each patient as a prestigious member of your family as you trust us to care for them. We are committed to caring for hearts at both ends of the leash throughout minor and major injuries with care that exceeds the current standard of emergency veterinary medicine. Recognizing that handing over “leash” for a night of recovery is difficulty and our team will responsibly and honorably “hold that leash” with the utmost regard throughout your pet’s treatment. Our trained doctors and staff are dedicating to providing families with superior customer service as we strive to comfort families in their time of distress with their pets.

Providing state of the art diagnostics, Animal ER of Northwest Houston is equipped to provide the necessary care for support and stabilization of injured dogs and cats. We are open nights, weekends and holidays to provide your pet with medical care during times that your veterinarian may be unavailable. We recognize the obligations extend to providing care that helps both you and your family feel at home until your family veterinarian can resume care for your pet. Our caring staff remain on site and by your pet’s side from the point of admission for the duration of their care.

Animal ER will work with both you and your veterinarian to provide care that is intended for the purposes of diagnosis and support. Our goal is to provide flexibility within recommendations by discussing care options recognizing the reality of financial obstacles influence care decisions for many families. We will care for your pet as one of our own under any situation, keeping those beloved pets’ needs as our first priority.