Animal ER is equipped with a variety of services that include digital radiography, teleradiology interpretation, ultrasound services, and a full in-house laboratory including lactate, coagulation testing, blood typing, and blood gas analysis. We know that every second counts and are prepared to support your pet through minor and major illnesses with services including IV fluid support, oxygen therapy, critical care monitoring, emergency surgical services, blood transfusions, and lipid emulsion therapy to name a few.

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Emergency Care and Management

Comprehensive Emergency Evaluations 
Offering a comprehensive exam and consultation upon your pet’s visit, we will provide detailed answers with complete explanation of recommendations to provide your family with comfort and confidence as we care for your companions.

Intensive Care Monitoring
You pet receives devoted attention from caring, highly trained nursing staff and doctors throughout their stay at Animal ER. We understand the stresses and strains of being separated from your pet and uphold the promise to provide your furry friends with constant supervision and comfort in our spacious ICU. Our ICU is equipped with state of the art life-support and monitoring to ensure that every detail of recovery is captured for guiding a customized care plan.

Emergency Surgery & Anesthesia
Our spacious surgical suite provides for the performance of a wide variety of surgical procedures. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that we utilize the safest available anesthetics to provide an extra margin of safety, especially for our older or high-risk patients. Using the most modern equipment, the patient’s vital signs are monitored during all anesthetic procedures. Our monitoring capabilities include pulse oximetry (blood oxygen levels), continuous ECG (electrocardiogram), heart rate and respiratory evaluations, core body temperature, entitle CO2, and blood pressure. This enables us to maintain the safest level of anesthesia for your pet during critical and non-invasive procedures.

Pain Management 
Animal ER offers a large selection of pain medications that will help your pet feelcomfortable when they have diseases or injuries that cause them unbearable pain. For more serious injuries, our hospital has the ability to deliver constant rate infusions of various pain medications.

Critical Care
Critical Care is a veterinary specialty that could save your pet’s life! Our vigilant veterinary care team is committed to comforting your pet as well as delivering the most advanced care available for improved recovery times. Common critical care services include post-op surgical care monitoring, temperature support, seizure control care, blood and plasma transfusions, lipid emulsion treatment of serious toxicities, and oxygen therapy.

Snake Bite (Envenomation) Therapy
Antivenin therapy is just one of the many advanced medical therapies offered at the Animal ER.  Snake bites occur commonly in the community of NW Houston and care is often critical in the early hours after your pet has been bitten. Antivenin treatment is one of many recommendations in our care plan to help with the full recovery of your pet when a snake bite is at question.

Diagnostic Services

Digital Radiology
Digital radiography has revolutionized both human and veterinary medicine due to its convenience and improved detail for tissues. All radiographic studies performed at Animal ER are performed with the latest digital technology provided by Cuattro xray systems.  Knowing every detail matters in the development of your pet’s care plan, therefore all of your pet’s images are evaluated by a boarded veterinary radiologist.

Animal ER of Northwest Houston has an on-call ultrasound specialist available for full thoracic and abdominal emergency imaging.

Hematology & Blood Chemistry Evaluations 
Animal ER offers full in-house diagnostic capabilities with our state-of-the-art blood analyzers. Our laboratory also includes lactate testing, coagulation evaluation, blood typing and blood gas analysis.

The urinalysis is an important part of the diagnostic evaluation for many diseases and is also an integral part in diagnosing diseases.

Eye Pressure Evaluation
For further diagnosis and evaluation of eye pressure, Animal ER has the capability to use tonometry with the newest TonoPen diagnostic tool. Eye pressure can be critical for eye health and can change under a variety of circumstances from trauma to glaucoma.

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