Patients early on in trauma or surgical recovery will benefit from the non-pharmaceutical options that we as humans exhaust in our own wellness, as we seek a brisk and complete recovery to be fully functional and pain-free ourselves.

Regardless if a recent or chronic event including surgery, injury or debilitating weakness and pain… our therapy includes manual joint and tissue manipulation to graduate the body away from stiffness, hinder scar tissue formation and to help maintain and restore normal functional movement.

  • Patients in a recent study who underwent IVDD surgery (hemilaminectomy) were shown to improve in muscle strength and mobility more successfully than those without
    rehabilitation as a therapy
  • More dogs returned to full neurologic function when rehabilitation was included in the postop management (33% compared to 9%)
  • The complication rate was higher in the control group (29%) compared with the rehabilitation group (16%)

In a groundbreaking 14 year study by Purina, researchers showed that dogs fed to an ideal body condition throughout their lives had a median (average) lifespan of 1.8 years longer – and were considerably healthier.

Services include, but are not limited to:
– Postoperative Recovery
– Weight Management Fitness Programs
– Arthritis and Pain Management
– Physical Wellness and Mobility
– Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

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Rehab Therapy Super Team

Dr. Jennifer Hennessey, DVM, CVJ, CCRP (CAPM, CCMT), Fear Free® Certified
Dr. Monique Koll, DVM, (CCRP)
Ms. Corrie Robison, (CCRP)Director of Rehabilitation
Monet Broadstone, (CCRP) Therapy Assistant
Courtney Larwa, (CCRP) Therapy Assistant