Dr. Michelle Withrow, DVM

Hospital Owner, ER Veterinarian

Owner of the Animal ER of Northwest Houston, Dr. Withrow grew up in Ponca City, OK where she raised several interesting pets including dogs, rabbits (domestic and cottontail), turtles, chameleons, fish, pheasants, and sheep. She discovered her love of veterinary medicine while volunteering at a mixed animal practice when she was twelve, and she followed this interest throughout her undergraduate degree by volunteering at several veterinary clinics while pursuing her bachelor of science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a minor in Economics from Oklahoma State University. She went on to graduate with honors from the OSU Center for Veterinary Health Sciences in the top of her class while participating in numerous professional organizations and leadership activities.

After Dr. Withrow and her husband completed their graduate degrees, they moved to Katy to pursue professional opportunities and raise their family. Since moving to Katy, she has enjoyed working with many local veterinarians from Texas A&M, Kansas State, and LSU while developing her medical and surgical skills. She maintains close personal and professional relationships with many of these local doctors.

Dr. Withrow and her husband Mathew have two children, Mason and Madison. They also have two furry children, Scarlett Jo and Gundy. Scarlett Jo is a Golden Retriever who is convinced she is a small lap dog, and Gundy is an English Springer Spaniel that is an easy going sidekick up for anything. Dr. Withrow enjoys exercising, target shooting, flower gardening, horseback riding, watching OSU sports and spending time with her family. She has a professional interest in dentistry, soft tissue surgery, diabetes mellitus and pain management, and she is actively involved in the TVMA and AVMA. Dr. Withrow is excited to meet you and your pet. Favorite Animal: Penguins


Deputy CEO, Vice President of Administration

Logan was born and raised in Houston and received her degree in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University in 2017. After exploring different options and being an avid animal lover, she realized vet med was the career path for her and has been in the field since 2014. She has 2 crazy mutts: Roxy and Bruce that refuse to allow a dull moment in anyone’s life.

Favorite Animal: Elephants

Favorite Part of Veterinary Medicine: Patient care – helping those that can’t help themselves and seeing their recovery

Hobbies Outside of Work: traveling & visiting local breweries


Vice President of Public Relations, CCRA- Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistant

Favorite Animal: Wild: Black Panther; Domesticated: Dogs, but really ALL animals!
Favorite Part of Veterinary Medicine: Working in vet med is all I’ve ever wanted to do. Helping animals who can’t help or speak for themselves is my passion. Caring for animals is who I am and what I love! “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

Hobbies Outside of Work: DIY projects, spending time with my dogs and trying to find ways to slow down and relax.


Vice President of Operations

Favorite Animal: Cats!
Favorite Part of Veterinary Medicine: Being a voice for the voiceless and helping provide comfort to animals and their families.
Hobbies Outside of Work: Traveling

Dr. Erin Dresner, DVM, CVMA, DABVP

Dr. Sarah Hodge, DVM

Dr. Jack Ying, DVM

Dr. Nikki Brown, DVM

Dr. John Mehanni, DVM


CVT, ER Technician

Favorite Part of Veterinary Medicine: Seeing the patients recover from our efforts and the smiles on the owners faces! Helping- it gives me purpose.

Hobbies Outside of Work: Camping, hunting and spending time with my family.


ER Technician

Favorite Animal: Elephant
Favorite Part of Veterinary Medicine: Watching them get to go home. Internal Medicine

Hobbies Outside of Work: Baking, gardening, cooking, bowling, cleaning


ER Technician


ER Technician

Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Part of Veterinary Medicine: The Animals

Hobbies Outside of Work: Running


ER Technician

Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Part of Veterinary Medicine: Help save lives

Hobbies Outside of Work: Hiking, traveling, fishing, reading


ER Technician

Favorite Animal: Giraffes
Favorite Part of Veterinary Medicine: Being able to change someone’s world. I always grew up with “you need to change the world when you grow up” pushed on me, but i’ve realized that sometimes it’s enough to just change one person’s world by helping their animal in a situation where they feel helpless.

Hobbies Outside of Work: Video games and bowling


ER Technician

Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Part of Veterinary Medicine: Educating clients and advocating for patients

Hobbies Outside of Work: Playing with grandkids.


ER Technician

Favorite Animal: Lions
Favorite Part of Veterinary Medicine: communications and educating pet owners and being able to assist them or attempt to in their most vulnerable state

Hobbies Outside of Work: volleyball and video games


ER Technician

Favorite Animal: Owls
Favorite Part of Veterinary Medicine: Being able to watch an animal’s progress in treatment/health.

Hobbies Outside of Work: Painting


ER Relief Technician

Favorite Animal: Capybara
Favorite Part of Veterinary Medicine: Saving lives and being a source of comfort, empathy and understanding for clients.

Hobbies Outside of Work: Spending quality time with my family, volunteering with the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, raising Beefmaster Cattle and Boer goats.


ER Relief Technician


Client Service Representative


Client Service Representative


Client Service Representative